09 Nov
Mind Bender (MD1) Disc Review

Mind Bender (Metal Flake C-Line MD1) Disc Review

Simon Lizotte Signature Series Disc

Price: $25.99

Manufacturer: Discmania Discs

Flight numbers:

These flight numbers are pretty accurate! I particularly agree with both the speed and the glide. This disc glides for days! If you want a midrange that tries to stay in the air as long as possible without dumping, this is your disc! However, I would give this a 1 or a 0.5 fade. There is definitely a distinct fade at the end of the flight. Making this a perfect disc for people with lower arm speeds that are looking for a disc to fade consistently at the end without crazy stability. I would say it flies like a slightly more stable Origin, another midrange from Discmania Discs. 

How does the disc feel?

I have to commend Discmania on the feel of their discs and the Mind Bender is no different! I love how this disc feels. The Mind Bender has a flat profile and a smooth, rounded, beadless rim. There is no flashing and it is super comfortable in the hand for both forehand and backhand. The comfort of the disc is huge to me. There are so many discs out there that are similar. So, if the disc doesn’t feel comfortable to you but you like the flight, I would try to find another with similar flight numbers that feels better in your hand. Luckily, for the MD1 everyone I know that has tried it, loves the feel of the disc. So, if you are looking for a super comfortable straight to slightly overstable midrange, look no further! This disc would be perfect for you! 

How does it fly? 

With a flat backhand release, the MD1 goes extremely straight with a very reliable fade at the end. Unlike some overstable discs, the fade keeps pushing forward instead of dumping. This is why the MD1 is a great disc for slower arm speeds. It will act similarly to the way a more overstable disc does for people that can throw much faster. Therefore, giving you the same type of flight. 

When released on a backhand hyzer, I noticed two different flights. If I kept the disc low, I would hyzer flip the MD1 and it would push very straight and didn't have a fade at the end. If I gave it some more air and a little more hyzer, it would keep the hyzer angle while continuing to push forward. 

Released on a backhand anhyzer angle, I also saw two different results. If you give the disc enough height to get the full flex you will notice the disc keep the anhyzer angle, then flatten out pushing in the intended direction, and then it will fade out at the end. If you throw a lower anhyzer shot, it will start with the intended angle then it will flatten out and keep that line, but it will not fade at the end. 

When thrown on a forehand, the MD1 pushes straight then has a reliable hyzer finish at the end. As someone who only uses their forehand when necessary, I think this is a great disc for teaching you how to forehand. It will hold whatever angle you put on your disc, therefore showing you what you are doing right or wrong. However, it is also more forgiving than an understable putter and it will likely be helpful for scrambling in the woods. 

Do I recommend the MD1?

Overall, the MD1 is a very versatile disc. I am a big proponent for discs that have multiple uses and the MD1 definitely has many uses. I love the small but reliable fade at the end and how much distance this disc gets due to the glide. I honestly could not recommend this disc enough. In the short amount of time since the Mind Bender has been released it has made a permanent spot in my bag. For slower arm speeds this disc will be a straight flier with a reliable fade, for faster arm speeds it will likely have a straight to understable flight. So, YES, I would 100% recommend this disc for anyone who plays disc golf! 

- Jen

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